About Our Cleaning Business

A woman is cleaning the kitchen floor and a person in the house

We are proud to introduce our family owned and operated company into your home as the most efficient and proud experience you’ve ever had (we guarantee your satisfaction). Our professional staff, some with over 25 years of experience, know what it takes to make you happy. Our cleaning pros have worked with some of the largest cleaning franchises in the country and finally have a company to work for who appreciates their hard work. Because we have no franchising fees our prices can always stay lower than our competition and our staff make better salaries (which keeps the best of the best with us) there by, passing their gratitude on to our customers with great service. Our promise to cover every cleaning detail in your home is our most important mission.

We are very pet friendly and donate to many animal help centers. We prefer to use economically clean green products in your home but will accommodate you with whatever you wish. We are registered, insured and bonded, so don’t take chances with anyone trying to save you a couple of dollars, when it could result in costing you thousands. Our "say what you mean and do what you say" attitude has helped our house cleaning business grow beyond our expectations.

Thanks to all our loyal customers and to those yet to come.

Jack Veader: Owner

Some of our proceeds are donated to the Humane Society